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A First Haircut A Huge Milestone

One of my biggest honors is getting to do a first haircut. It's really a major milestone to say the least. I am always honored when my clients trust me to be the first to cut those baby curls for the first time. It's just a little painful, because you know that those little curls have been there since the beginning. They are soft, beautiful, fresh and pure. Most mamas cry. Kidding, all mamas cry. I cry too! In my car on the way home. 

Today I had the pleasure of doing another first haircut, but let me give you a little background info on why this particular haircut hit me a little hard. I didn't tell her I was writing this blog so surprise Leigh Anne. I didn't think you'd mind! Leigh Anne has been a client of mine since the begining. When I was green around the gills at 18 she trusted me to cut and color her hair and she's stuck with me. She may have even been my first haircut lol. We just clicked and I have always loved doing her hair and our conversations. She's genuine and funny and beautiful and all of the above. Love her! When you've been doing someone's hair for so long you really form a relationship that only another hairstylist can understand. You learn so much about them because it's an hour or more of one on one time. I knew her before she got married. I drove to the Citadel to do her wedding hair and makeup.


I've done her whole families hair now and they are all just as wonderful as she is. I mean she had to get it from somewhere. She married a great guy and I was so happy for her when I found out baby Bonner was on the way! Now he is a darling 2 year old beautiful boy with those bouncy curls you just have a hard time letting go of! I thought it was really sweet that the grandparents also wanted to be there for this big first! I hope they didn't zoom in on my fingernails in any of the photos because they are looking pretty rough 😆. 

I have to tell you that even though he was a little confused about what in the world everybody was doing to him the kid sat there like an adult and was my best client all day. 


I was happy to see his little curls bounce back up and I sure hope they stay for a little bit longer. I am feeling kindof old after that haircut. 😝 Time flies people! Enjoy the firsts! 

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  • Sheila on

    What a treasure these words are and will be for Leigh Anne and her family. Bonner is a cutie pie.

  • RHonda HArdison on

    This Gamma didn’t cry during the haircut, I was too busy collecting those clipped curls. But I balled like a baby reading this blog! It seems like only yesterday you were doing all of our hair for Leigh Anne’s wedding and today we shared another first! You made it extra special and we will treasure the memories! Thanks You Zena!

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