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The Apple Does'nt Fall Far From the Tree

I am always searching the web for new styles, hair, makeup, clothing, tips and tricks but I do get it honest! Both of my grandmothers were in the fashion industry most of their lives. Vances Fashions and Fabrics of Saluda SC was in business for over 50 years. My grandmother Frances Vance sold fabric, clothing, jewelry and could make a gown better than any store bought.  Before she owned her store she worked in the hosiery mill and made panty hose. She ran her store until she was in her 80's and is now retired. I loved working with her when I was in high school and I especially loved helping her pick out things for her store. This side of my family is very artistic, all of my cousins, aunts, brother and mother are all very creative and artistic. My Aunt Susan inherited the gift of sewing and is also a wonderful seamstress. My other Grandmother Marguerite Quattlebaum owned Margie's, a womans clothing boutique in Leesville SC for over 30 years. After she retired she worked as a receptionist at Salon On Main in Lexington SC. As the time got closer and I was about to graduate from high school, I realized I couldn't actually make a living off of doodling on paper, my Grandmother Marguerite suggested that I channel my creativity into the art of hair styling. A few weeks after I graduated, I attended Kenneth Shuler's School of Cosmetology and fell in love with hair and I haven't looked back. So, with that being said, I have had many very influential people in my life that have helped in my decision making over the years. I am grateful to have these two strong and powerful women in my life. They were way before their time...

Me, My Grandaddy, Brother, Cousin and Granny Frances Vance

We were definitely in style! I think this dress eventually ended up in the cat bed. Rightfully so. :))

My Granny Frances Vance and my mom Tammy standing in front of her store Vances on Main Street. Don't know the gentleman.

My mom in the dress my aunt and granny made for her for a School Pageant at King Academy.

Me and my Grandmamma Marguerite Quattlebaum at my high school Graduation. Getting ready to ship me off to hair school in just 2 short weeks!!! :)

Some of my earlier work. Obviously so proud!

 Thanks to my mom and dad for supporting me all the way! 

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