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Looking forward to 4 years of the First Lady in fashion!

I will never talk politics in the salon but I will talk fashion! I loved Melanias dress and loved that she channeled Jackie O! Forever an icon. Say what you will but I think she nailed the look of the First Lady! I just wish that Donald would have traded ties with Obama so that he could match Melania's dress! 

I think her powder blue ensamble from American brand, Ralph Lauren, represented a fresh new start! I absolutely loved her look.

The cream dress she wore by Herve Pierre to the inaugural ball was just as modern and elegant. 

 Melanias family has a history of great fashion, as her mother was a seamstress for a children's clothing company. After her modeling career Melania went to school to be a designer. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to see what the First Lady will wear throughout her reign! Also, we sincerely hope to see some adjustments in Donald's hair style choice. She is representing America well! We hope Donald will do the same! 

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  • Lauren on

    I fell in love with this dress! Melania looked regal and sophisticated in the blue ensemble by Ralph Lauren. It was the perfect color and I loved her gloves! She’s so elegant.

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