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My Favorite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Interior design

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Recently I fixed up our little garage apartment and turned it into an Airbnb. I've had many guests and always gotten 5 star reviews until one day.... I got a 3 star review. 😩 My guest said that the bed was hard. I laid on the bed and she was right. The bed sucked and all these other people didn't even complain. After some research I found this mattress topper. The price was right, it was thick and ventilated so that it doesn't trap heat and isnt made from any harmful chemicals or materials. The reviews are stellar. As soon as I got it in I knew it was amazing. The quality is superb. After I put it on the bed I laid down again. SOLD! I bought one for our bed too. My husband likes a firm bed and I like a soft bed but we both agree on this one. Comfort 💯 Click the Amazon affiliate link below to check it out:



 I did most of the work myself but I did have to call the pros to help me put down new floors. Thanks to my Dad and Uncle Russell, they made it look spectacular! It took me a whole year to finish and I absolutely loved every minute of it, except for the painting, I will NEVER paint again! 😂

Girl Power! 

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  • Aunt Susan on

    This is awesome. You are so talented. 🤗❤️

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    It’s amazing!!!

  • Ashleigh on

    You are amazing !! Love your many many many talents :)

  • Claire Moïse on

    Zena! Gorgeous apartment! You did such a good job!

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