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My love for Snoop Dog, his fabulous new cookbook and Fifty Shades of Chicken

Ya’ll, I love Snoop Dog. Ever since I first heard his music riding around with my cousin Amber, I was instantly a Snoop fan for life. 🐶 💯 When I heard he was teaming up with Martha Stewart to make a cooking show I knew it was going to be pure gold. If you haven’t watched Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party then you should definitely look it up on YouTube. Love it!
When I saw that they were coming out with a cookbook I HAD to have it. OMG it did not disappoint. The titles of these recipes are exactly what you would expect and the directions are even more funny. I was a little surprised to read how health conscious he is and that he has quite a sophisticated palate. He attributes that to traveling the world touring and trying new things. The cookbook is diverse to say the least. Snoop’s cookbook has everything from a fried bologna sandwich to Lobster Thermidor. 

He even included a recipe for his famous Gin & Juice. Who else loved this song? You know you did! 

Who else is singing this song in their head right now? 🎶 😂This cookbook is the absolute best! Check it out:


After I added this to my amazon cart, as amazon does in its sneaky way, this other cookbook popped up and I knew I had to have it too. Fifty Shades of Chicken. It’s a New York Times Bestseller. It is hysterical and has some great recipes. By the way, who’s seen the movie? Does anyone else think that Christian and Anna were casted wrong? Im sorry but that’s not exactly what I had in mind.  This juicy chicken is way sexier.  😆

Here is the link to Fifty Shades of Chicken 😆 #ad

Even though I don’t really cook I love to read recipes and watch Food Network! I keep both of these in my Airbnb for my guests to read. These cookbooks would also make a great gift. Fo shizzle. 

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