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"Ain't nobody got time for that!" A busy girls guide to easy hairstyling

 Many of my clients have asked me to show them a few styles that they can do at home. Sometimes this is tricky, depending on the hair type and actual time and effort that you're really willing to spend in the morning. So, where would someone looking for just about anything these days go?  Pinterest, of course! I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. First of all it is filled with tons of mesmerizing images that make me feel really inspired and crafty and then crappy. They never post the photos of the first 500 times they tried to nail a sock bun that ended up looking more like a sock monkey. Only until they have mastered the art of the sock bun do they take these gorgeous photos. They swear it only took 15 minutes or less! But let's get real, we don't all have the locks for the sock bun. Mine looked like a mini donut and I didn't even have enough hair to cover the whole sock. Regardless, I have discovered some pretty good options for you ladies that are looking for something new! WARNING: Do take the time to do a couple test runs before you get all willy nilly one morning and decide to tackle something new. You will end up late for work, crying in a pile of bobby pins in a haze of hairspray and desperation. Alright Ive warned you so let's take a look at this first style...

Ok, so this one actually does look pretty simple. It's similar to the bun we all know too well. I think you guys can handle it, no problem! 

This next one is really cute and I can definitely see this hairstyle going to a lot of places; work, weddings, girls night, dates etc. Simple/Cute/Fun can't beat it.


This ponytail idea I really loved. I despise a limp and sad looking Eyore tail.

I was really digging this style because it can be done on just about any thickness of hair and it's super easy. Personally I think this is a little too neat looking and I would probably separate the hair more and mess it up a bit.


This pony tail looks very chic' and simple. Although, I think you probably need thicker hair to achieve this style.


And last but not least ya'll!!! The beloved sock bun!!! This one has gained lots of popularity recently because it is actually pretty easy. I prefer this messy version opposed to the perfectly quaffed circle that looks like an intertube on your head. 

Ok, now by the time I had finished up my Pinterest search I was really disgusted. For one, all of these girls have gorgeous hair and secondly, they didn't have one single idea for someone with thin hair. Do you know why???? Because there just aren't many options and I suppose thin hair just doesn't look as fabulous in photograph. Well, don't get discouraged! I have a couple of tricks to share with you. What do we do if we can't grow our dream hair? Here are a few options I found on Amazon. Let me introduce you to my little friend. The Chignon...

Yep that's a chignon! A mound of hair you clip over your little nub of a ponytail to give the illusion that you actually have hair. There are some really nice ones out there and some really horrible ones so buyers beware. Sometimes you can find a suitable one at your local beauty supply store. Just make sure the color matches! If something does happen and your chignon falls off you can just pretend it's your new shihtzu puppy and stuff it in your handbag. 


These next two can go hand in hand. Put your hair up in a pony tail. Clip on your new luxurious pony tail and bobby pin it into a messy bun. Clip in this braid and wrap it around the bun. Maybe you can come close to something like the photo below. You can do it! Also if your hair is super short or pixie cut you can always wear a funky headband or scarf to dress up your look. I'm loving the one below!





I hope that these ideas have been helpful and I hope you will give them a try and tell me what you think! Feel free to share my blog with your friends, maybe you might want to tag that one friend, that you know, needs a change. :)) 

This sock bun. You know you can't wait to try it...Jealous! :)) Just don't....


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