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The Columbia Classical Ballet 🩰

My friend Susan Hare works for the Columbia Classical Ballet. That's where I get all of these tickets that I giveaway in the Zena Boutique Facebook group. She’s amazing! Look at that cute dress!

I have always been intrigued by the ballet. In fact, I was once a Hippity Hoppity Frog. 🐸 

 Too embarrassing to not share! I wasn’t really cut out for the ballet in any shape or form but I’ve always loved the art.

        The Lifechance performance was amazing. Ballerinas from all over the world came together to put on this performance. It will definitely move you. 

        I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind it all, Radenko Pavlovich at the after party held at the Seibels-Wilson House. He was very kind and it was obvious that he had great taste. Check out those Gucci shoes. 👀 He is also a professional dancer with a very impressive background. He has so many accolades, if I listed them all this would be a very long blog. You can read more about him and how he founded the Columbia Classical Ballet here:

✨Shoe Cam ✨ 📸 
    The Seibels-Wilson House was incredibly beautiful and historic. The style was so eclectic. The wallpaper was so extravagant, the chandeliers were so big! The whole house was an art exhibit. The mansion was built in the 1930’s. I regret not taking more photos of the inside but here are a few the dancers shared with me. The owner of the house was so gracious to let everyone come and enjoy it’s unique beauty. You can read more about this historic mansion here:

    The winner of the ballet tickets for this performance & I at the after party.  We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a pic with this fabulous wallpaper as a backdrop. 

    Some of the dancers shared their back stage photos with me. It's no doubt that these dancers work very hard! 

    If you've never been to a ballet before it's definitely something you should experience.  The next performance is Giselle on March 13 @ the Koger Center. If you’re interested in catching the next show you can purchase tickets here:

✨You can join the Zena Boutique Group here: 

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