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The Stylist Went Down to Georgia 🎶🎶🎶

Lexington SC wedding makeup Lexington South Carolina Wedding Hair

The stylist went down to Georgia she was looking for some wedding hair to fix. She whipped them up and used extra spray to make sure the marriage sticks... 🎶🎶🎶

You might remember this little angels wedding that I blogged about previously. Well now it's her cousin Chelsea's turn to tie the knot!!!

Chelsea's then boyfriend now fiancé actually caught the garter at her cousins wedding! May be something to that after all!

This is the farthest I've traveled but this was for one of my hometown girls so I made the trip. When you wake up at 4a.m. and have to ride 3 hours you have to bring on the big guns. Gas station peanuts and coffee, extra black! Breakfast of champions!

My driver! 🚙🚙🚙🚙


Here's a little glimpse of what marriage is like for the newly weds. Sometimes you have to do things for the other person that you don't want to do.I didn't ask him to drive me but from the bottom of his heart he knows I am a terrible driver and he must want me around for a while. So kudos to the good husband. But I ain't no fool! I know this kind gesture may surface in the future as a bribe to golf on a weekend and I'll be ok with that. And that's marriage! It's a give and take.

So my advice for the bride and groom is never stop trying to earn points with each other. Kindof like a video game but much more complex, if you don't earn enough points you'll never make it to the next level. Marriage is not for the impatient. Some of the best parts take time to develope. You have to stick around to find out. You have to be selfless at times and never stop trying to make the other person happy. Or game over. Did I really just compare marriage to a video game? That's laughable, you get the point. But that's just my opinion. I'm only 5 years deep myself. 

When we pulled up to the barn and property on the side of the mountain it really was breath taking. This huge old oak was amazing!

Chelseas fiancé is from Alabama and she is from my hometown of Saluda, so this was a half way point for the guest of both sides.

Their was one very special family member that wasn't expected to make an appearance this weekend. The day before the ceremony, the family reminisced of Chelsea's grandfather. Shortly thereafter the most beautiful rainbow appeared over the wedding venue.

Say what you will but I think Chelsea's grandfather made a far more grand appearance than anyone could have ever imagined for his family during this special time. Mr. Paul Corley was a member of the church I went to as a child and I remember him well. He was a wonderful man. Chelsea and her mother wore his rings the day of the wedding in his honor.

Brittni Miller,also from Saluda, was the wedding director and she did a fabulous job getting the party together and making sure every detail was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and timely. If you are looking for someone to plan your wedding you should definitely consider using her. She's on top of things, outgoing, happy and organized.

We know where the bride gets her beauty! Here she is with her mom Christy.

Mother of the groom and mother of the bride 👰 

Bride and sister of the groom!

A few more highlights from the wedding...

Some styles from the day...

Her cousin Kacie, going to Paul Mitchel cosmetology school, helped with some styling. 

bride and her gorgeous sister!father daughter dance

and for the first time ever Mr. & Mrs. Zac Thomas!!!!! Congratulations Chelsea and Zac! You were a beautiful bride! So happy to help with your special day! Wishing you many years of happiness! 🎉🎉🎉

More about Helen Georgia if you care to know...

I've never been to Cleveland/Helen Georgia and probably wouldn't have ever came had I not been asked to do hair and makeup. I'm glad I got to visit the cute and strange little town. It's German inspired and I am part German, (that's where I get my square head and love of beer from I suppose), so I found it interesting. Quattlebaum actually means Plum Tree in German. This town is located right along th chattahoochee river and let me tell you it really was hotter than a hoochie coochie. In 1969 the little town was renovated to become a tourist attraction. The town is full of tshirt shops, candy shops, & German trinkets. We went to a great German restaurant and had escargot, schnitzel & beer! 

By the time I finished that beer I was so tired we called it a day.

Here are a few photos of some of the attractions in town...

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  • Christy Corley Nichols on

    Thank You Zena! What an awesome job with all of us! I absolutely LOVED my hair and makeup! So glad you made the trip!

  • Lydia Carter on

    Great job (as usual) Zena! Glad you had fun and were brave enough to eat snails haha! xo

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