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Valentines Gifts for Women

This blog is for the guys! I know we are sometimes hard to buy for. Let me help you out! I don’t know any lady that would complain about any of the things I’m about to list here. Guaranteed smiles with any of the items below. 😁

1.We Love Pictures.                                       What do women love to do? Take pictures! When do we take them? All the time! Where do we take them? Everywhere! Yes we have cellphones but there is something about the old fashion poloroids that we all love. Look how cute this thing is!     

2. We love perfume but we are kind of picky

If you go the perfume route, unless you really know what she likes you’re taking a risk. I do however own this perfume myself and love it. It’s a pretty safe call. Don’t just take it from me though it also has almost 100 5 star reviews from other women. If you must go the perfume route I’d recommend this one.               

3. A night in

We really don’t care if we spend Valentines night at home. It can still be romantic and fun! Have you been out on Valentines?!?!? It’s crazy out there! If you don’t have a reservation forget it! You can’t even get into Waffle House for heart shaped pancakes without a reservation. Buy a nice bottle of wine, get her cozy with these cute socks, build a fire or cook for her, or order Chinese food. Whatever! Make fondu or cook together. I bought this cute s’mores maker for my husband for Christmas. It’s fun! If kids are a part of your date night they will love it too and it’s something you can all do together. Look through old pictures or watch your wedding video. You know we also love the chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, please don’t forget those! Here are a few items you can use for a date night at home. Oh, and none of us will ever turn down a massage or foot rub! 

4. Jewelry! Sure, we will never turn that down! Yes, we will gladly except jewelry for any occasion but look, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or even be 24k gold. I’m sure any of these will do! Flowers are great but I’d take this watch over a dozen roses any day! I’d rather have Rose 🌹 Gold. 😁


5. The Ultimate V-Day Gift

If you really want to surprise her plan a surprise trip! It doesn’t have to be far out and exotic. She will just be happy that you’ve taken the time to plan a trip for her, even if it’s only for a night. Check out this cute set. You could give this to her and then surprise her by telling her that you’ve planned a getaway!

If you’re really not a couple that celebrates this holiday then that’s fine too but a simple handwritten note is always a kind gesture. Oh, and even though she says you don’t have to get her anything she will definitely be happy that you thought of her. Oh, and even if she doesn’t like what you got she will probably pretend she does and it really is the thought that counts, unless you get her like something really awful like fake gas station roses or a mop. Definitely don’t do that. A scale isn’t a good idea either. I hope I’ve helped you guys figure us out a little bit but Good luck! 
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