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What's in a Glam Bag?!?!

beauty box beauty subscription box Glam bag subscription box

So a lot of you have been asking! What's in a Glam Bag? Each month has a different theme! This month was Spring and here is a little video of what was in the first Glam Bag! If you order a Glam Bag today you will be in on the March shipment! Your first Glam Bag could be the same or different from everyone else's. After your first Glam Bag you will be on the same theme with the other subscribers. There is also an option to Gift a Glam Bag! Glam Bags can be shipped anywhere within the US excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Without a doubt every Glam Bag is unique and fun! Enjoy!

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  • Lovely on

    Hi Zena I love your talent…I wanted to sign up for the Glam bag and newsletter but everytime I enter my email address it kicks it back to me. I was also hoping that I could ask you for your professional opinion on a few things? Please let me know how to subscribe at your earliest convenience.. thank u

  • Ornaple on

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  • Sonya Clark on

    Hi Zena, I would like to sign up for the Glam bag subscription. I don’t see the option of how to order and pay set up. let me know how when you have a moment.
    Thanks so much!

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