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Hand Tied Hair Extension Care Guide


Hair extensions are not the same as your natural hair and they can't be treated in the same way. The more you care for them, the better they will look.

Products I Recommend for Optimal Extension Care 

Goldie Locks Ultimate Hydration Bundle: (ad) This is everything you need! 

Other Options
ILES shampoo: (ad)

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Brush 3 to 4 times per day to prevent tangles.

Before you shower brush the ends of your hair to remove the tangles. We recommend the brand Wet Brush. You can find it here: (ad) Brush from mid-shaft to ends and be gentle. Brush until hair is tangle-free.

Avoid Products with Protein!

Moisturizing products are best.  Protein-based products that are designed to repair damage examples: B3, Olaplex and Olaplex oil, should be avoided. Avoid protein shampoos that are designed for damaged hair. Protein will dry extensions.


Shampoo & Conditioner

Sulfate free is best. You should also avoid products with non-water soluble silicone. Silicone is an inexpensive ingredient that provides smoothness and shine but it can also build up, cause dryness, and weigh extensions down.

The best option is a hydrating shampoo with high quality very lightweight oils. Deep Condition Every Few Washes Avoid heavy masques.

Do your best to avoid the track. This is true for all products. It's harder to thoroughly rinse the track so product can build up there. 

Daily Oiling is Essential to Prevents Dry Ends

Never use a dark heavy oil like Moroccanoil or other argan oils, macadamia oils etc. Dark oils can stain extensions and heavy oils can block moisture from entering the hair shaft resulting in dry hair. Heavy oils like coconut and castor oil will cause buildup and should be avoided.

Select a silicone-free light daily oil to keep your ends hydrated, shiny, soft, and healthy.

Just apply the oil from mid-shaft to ends. Apply evenly and always do your best to avoid the track.

Use a Dry Shampoo to Extend Time Between Washings (your extensions will last longer.)

When washing let your hair fall naturally. Avoid tilting your head forward or backward as the weight of the water in your hair will pull on the track. Water should be running straight down your back.

 Use Extra Care When Washing

You want to get the track clean but you don't want to disturb it or pull on it. Avoid circular or vigorous movement. Be gentle with the track. 

You will feel the weight of the water in your hair extensions. Do what you can to alleviate tension. Using your hand as a comb, run the shampoo from mid-shaft to ends. This is where you will appreciate the de-tangling that you did before your shower. Only condition mid-shaft to ends. Avoid the track. The oil in many conditioners can cause build-up that’s hard to rinse out. Be generous with conditioner and let it sit three to five minutes so your extensions soak in the moisture before rinsing it out.  

When Drying and Brushing Beaded Weft Hair Extensions be as gentle as possible 


Pat Dry Excess Water and Never Rub 

De-Tangle Again After Washing

Dry until 85% dry before you start brushing. If you plan to use a blow dryer or flat iron, now is the time to apply a heat protector. This is essential to protect both your hair extensions and your natural hair.

Dry Your Hair as Naturally as Possible

Blow dry your hair as normal, just pay extra attention to the track. Make sure it ends up dry. To avoid knots and tangles, don’t tousle your hair. Always avoid any heat over 350.

Color Maintenance

Just like your own hair will experience some fading between salon visits, all human hair extensions will require some touch-ups.

Blondes, should expect more maintenance then brunettes.


You will need a silk pillow case. Find it here: (Ad) Always avoid sleeping with wet hair. This can cause tangles and stress on the hair. A loose braid or a bun before bed will also help prevent tangles and pulling.


Can I use sunscreen?

Many types of sunscreen can turn your extensions orange and it most likely can not be fixed. Any sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) MUST BE AVOIDED! Zinc Oxide based sunscreen is the safest but be sure it is not mixed with other ingredients.  Sunless tanning products will also stain your extensions permanently. 

Can I swim in a pool and go to the beach?

Swimming and hair extensions really don't mix. Avoid swimming. If you do swim, you'll need to use extra precautions to prevent color fade, tangling, staining, dryness, and damage.

Swimming and salt-water or chlorine exposure will dehydrate the wefts and significantly reduce their life. If you do decide to chance it, right before you swim, pre-wet your hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner. Braiding your hair before swimming can help prevent tangles.

Always wash and condition directly after swimming! Unfortunately, no hair extensions company can provide a warranty for hair that has been stained or that has changed color after swimming. 

What can I do about hard water?

Hard water is very tough on all hair! It can strip and damage color and it dries the hair leaving it dull and frizzy. You can get a water softener for your shower. Find it here: (ad)


Is there anything else I should avoid?

Dimethicone, cetyl dimethicone, cetearyl methicone, stearyl dimethicone, dimethicone copolymer, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone, trimethylsilylamodimethicone, and cyclopentasiloxane are non-water soluble silicone-based polymers that coat the hair leaving it smooth and shiny. Think of these products as "glue" that stays in your hair. They build up quickly and they prevent water and other important moisturizing products from entering the hair shaft. Over just a couple applications, heavy silicone can leave your hair limp, oily looking, dry, damaged, and dull with brittle ends that are prone to breakage. To remove silicone build-up, use a silicone free, sulfate free shampoo. It may take a few wash cycles. This should help prevent further damage and reduce the oily look, unfortunately, once the damage is done, it is impossible to correct. A clarifying shampoo is recommended to remove silicone from your natural hair but with hair extensions it is not advised. 

Dimethiconol is a less greasy version of dimethicone that is less prone to build-up and can help with split ends. It is okay when used only every few washes. Dimethicone copolyol, stearoxy dimethicone,and behenoxy dimethicone are ok to use. They are water soluble and will not coat your hair or prevent moisture from entering the hair shaft.

Quaternium 16, Quaternium 80, and Quaternium 95 are commonly found in products that help speed up your blow-dry. They will cause breakage.

 Zena Salon, Lexington SC Hand Tied Hair Extensions. 

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